Editing existing members

You can edit an existing member by navigating to Restrict > Members, locating a member in the list, and clicking on their username. This brings you to the Edit Member page that looks like this:

You can easily edit details about the member, including their status, subscription level, expiration date, and more.

Editing their status

You can use the dropdown to change the user's membership status. If you change the status to "Cancelled" and the member has a recurring subscription, an extra checkbox will appear allowing you to also cancel the subscription at the gateway. If selected, the recurring payment profile will be cancelled when you save the member. If you do not check the box, the member's RCP status will be set to "Cancelled" but the payment profile in the gateway will remain active.

Note: The checkbox will only appear if the user is able to cancel their account, meaning they have a recurring subscription, their account is currently active, and you've filled out the necessary gateway API details.

Editing the expiration date

If the member has a recurring subscription, then editing the expiration date does not change their next billing date with the payment processor. That information is sent separately during the registration processed and is based on the "duration" you have set for the subscription level. So rather than giving the payment processor an exact expiration date, we let them know how long each payment period lasts (i.e. "2 weeks" or "1 month") and the gateway calculates next payment dates itself.

Enabling and disabling "recurring"

If a member has a recurring subscription, then unchecking the "recurring" box does not cancel their subscription in the gateway. That needs to be done separately.

Similarly, if a member does not have a recurring subscription, then checking on the "recurring" box does not create a new one automatically in the gateway. This is to avoid setting up automated payments without the customer's consent.

What is a "trial membership"?

A user is marked as "trialing" if they sign up for a free subscription level that has a fixed duration (i.e. "2 weeks" or "1 month"). These types of limited free plans are only designed to be used once per user and cannot be renewed. Once a user has entered into a trial, they cannot sign up for it again.

User notes

The user notes box is automatically populated whenever Restrict Content Pro modifies the user in some way (such as changing status or updating the expiration date, etc.). You may also add any of your own notes to this box.