The [register_form_stripe] shortcode allows you to display a Join button that, when clicked, will open a Stripe Checkout payment window. When a payment is submitted, the customer will be registered for a subscription and have an account created for them with the email address entered in the payment form. The customer will receive a followup email inviting them to set their password.

This shortcode depends on the Stripe Checkout gateway being configured.

When added to a page, with the required id parameter, the Join button will look something like this:

When clicked, a payment window like this is displayed:

Shortcode parameters

The shortcode accepts a number of parameters that allow site owners to define the button text, the subscription level which to subscribe customers to, the title of the window, the description below the title, the price shown on the button, and the logo image displayed.

The following parameters are accepted:

  • id - Required. This defines the subscription level that customers will be subscribed to when submitting payment.
  • data-name - Optional. Defines the title shown at the top of the window. Defaults to the website's name.
  • data-description - Optional. This sets the text shown below the window title. Defaults to the subscription level's name defined by the id parameter.
  • data-label - Optional. Controls the text shown on the Join button. Defaults to "Join {level name}".
  • data-panel-label - Optional. Defines the text shown on the submit payment button in the window. Defaults to "Register - {price}".
  • data-local - Optional. Sets the region local to be used. This controls which language the form is shown in. Defaults to the language / region automatically detected for site visitor.
  • data-allow-remember-me - Optional. Allows site owners to enable or disable the "Keep me logged in" option. Set to either "true" or "false". Defaults to "true".


If your subscription level has an ID of 2, the basic shortcode would look like this:

[register_form_stripe id="2"]

The ID of your subscription level can be found at Register > Subscription Levels. The ID you enter should match the ID column in your subscription level list.

Including custom window names and descriptions would look like this:

[register_form_stripe id="2" data-name="My Great Service" data-label="Subscribe Today"]

How does it work with multiple memberships?

We do not recommend using the [register_form_stripe] shortcode if you have multiple memberships checked on in Restrict > Settings > General. The simplicity of the shortcode means we don't have enough information to differentiate against a renewal, upgrade/downgrade, or a brand new signup.