This shortcode will display the registration form. The form will include all necessary registration fields, such as name, username, email, password, etc, and will also display all of the available subscription levels.

To show the registration form on a post or page, simply use the short code like this:


Upon successful registration, the user will be redirected to the page that you have selected as the "Success Pages" in Restrict > Settings.

Optional Attributes:

  • id - Use this attribute if you wish to show one specific subscription level only. Enter the ID number of the subscription level to show. Example: [register_form id="3"] .  You can get the ID number by hovering over the desired subscription level under Restrict > Subscription Levels. If omitted, all active subscription levels will be shown on the form.

  • ids - Similar to id above, but for showing more than one level. Separate multiple IDs with a comma. Example: [register_form ids="3,6,10"]
  • registered_message - Used to customize the message that is displayed to already active users who try to view the registration page. The default is "You are already registered and have an active subscription." Note: This message is not shown if you have upgrades enabled. For more information about disabling upgrades, see Upgrading between subscription levels.
  • logged_out_header - Header message shown to logged out users above the registration form. Default is "Register New Account".
  • logged_in_header - Header message shown to logged in users above the registration form. Default is "Upgrade or Renew Your Subscription" if the user already has a subscription, or "Join Now" if they don't.


Customizing the registered_message attribute:

[register_form registered_message="Your custom message"]

Display the register form only for subscription level #3:

[register_form id="3"]

Display the register form for levels #3, #6, and #10:

[register_form ids="3,6,10"]

Changing the default header messages:

[register_form logged_out_header="Sign Up Now!" logged_in_header="Renew Your Plan"]

If you would like to create a pricing page that shows a pricing table of plan options,  see this tutorial.

Why can't I see any form fields?

Form fields for creating an account are only shown to logged out users. If you're viewing the registration form as an administrator or any other logged in user, the following fields will not show up on the form:

  • Username
  • Email
  • First/Last Name
  • Password/Password Again

View the form when logged out to see all registration fields.