Changing subscription level prices

The price of a subscription level is is set when it is created. If you need to change the price of an existing subscription level, there is an important detail to consider.

Does the subscription level have active subscribers?

If there have never been any active subscribers to a subscription level, the price of the level can be safely changed at any time.

If, however, there have been subscribers to a subscription level, it is recommended that the price not be changed. Price changes in RCP will not be synced to the payment gateway. Instead of changing the price of the subscription, it is recommended that you create a new subscription level to replace the original one and then set the status of the original subscription level to Inactive. Changing the status to Inactive will hide it from the registration form but not affect the accounts of existing subscribers.

Do not delete the original subscription level if it has active subscribers.

Does changing the price of a subscription affect existing subscribers?

As stated above, changing the price of a subscription with active subscribers is not recommended, but if you do choose to change the price anyway, existing accounts will not be affected. The amount they pay each renewal period will remain unchanged.