Creating subscription levels

Through Restrict Content Pro, your website can have any number of subscription levels. Each level created can have its own price, duration, access level, and user role. Content on your website can be restricted to specific subscription levels, so site owners will frequently create multiple subscription levels and then use the restriction settings to determine what members of each level can access.

Creating subscription levels

Subscription levels are created and updated from the Restrict > Subscription Levels menu. This page lists all subscription levels you have created and provides a form to add a new one.

Each subscription level created includes several properties:

  • Name - This is the name of the subscription level. It is shown on the registration form and on members' accounts whom are subscribed to it.
  • Description - A brief description of the subscription level. This is shown on the registration between below the name of the subscription.
  • Access Level - This controls the access level assigned to members that subscribe to this subscription level. See the FAQ on Access Levels for more information about how to use it.
  • Duration - This defines the length of the renewal / expiration period for the subscription. Setting it to 1 year will result in members' accounts expiring or renewing one year from the day they register their account.
  • Price  - This is the amount that members are charged per Duration period.
  • Signup Fee - This is a one time fee or discount that is applied at the time of registration. A negative number will discount the initial payment amount. A positive number will add to the initial payment amount.
  • Status - Set to either Active or Inactive, this field controls whether the subscription level is displayed on the registration form. Only Active levels are displayed.
  • User Role - This controls the role given to user accounts when registering accounts. Note: this role is removed from the user if their subscription expires.

After subscription levels are created, they are shown on the  registration form like this:

The order in which they are displayed can be controlled by using the cross-hair icon to drag-and-drop the levels into the desired order.

Restricting content to members of a subscription level

The content on your website can be restricted in numerous ways, including limiting it to just members of a specific subscription level.

Content can be restricted automatically based on the category it is filed in or through options on the post/page edit screen. Content can also be restricted through the use of shortcodes.

For comprehensive documentation on restricting content, see  Restricting Content section.