The Stripe payment gateway built into Restrict Content Pro allows you to use your account with Restrict Content Pro to accept credit cards directly on your website.

Configuring Stripe is simple and only takes a few moments.

First, go to  Restrict > Settings > Payments and enable Stripe:

Next, under Stripe Settings, enter your API credentials for Stripe. These are required in order to use Stripe and can be obtained from your Stripe API Keys page.

Payment Flow

With Stripe, customers will be shown a credit / debit card form directly on your registration form:

After filling in the credit / debit card details, the customer will be presented with a processing indicator. If the card is successfully charged, the customer will be redirected to the success page. If the card fails, the customer will be shown an error message.


Stripe Webhooks are how Restrict Content Pro communicates with Stripe and is the system RCP uses to detect when a subscription has been updated (payment made, account cancelled, etc).

The URL that Stripe sends webhooks to must be configured manually from your  Account Webhooks settings page.

Click Add Endpoint:

Select Account:

Enter "" for the URL and select All Events. Replace with the actual domain to your site.

If you are using Stripe in Test Mode and you have Sandbox enabled in Restrict > Settings > General, you will MUST select Test for the Mode option. You can also create a second endpoint and select "Test" for the Mode.

Note: If your webhook becomes unresponsive or starts redirecting to another page, payments may be delayed, so it's important that your URL be entered correctly and remain active. You can check to see if webhooks are being successfully processed by visiting the "Webhooks" section in your Stripe dashboard.

Testing Stripe Payment Gateway

Due to's phenomenal testing environment, you can fully test all aspects of Restrict Content Pro before deploying to a live environment.

To test Restrict Content Pro with Stripe, follow these steps: 

  1. Enter your test API keys in Settings.
  2. Enable Test Mode in Settings.
  3. Switch your account to Test.
  4. Visit your website's registration page while logged out.
  5. Enter the user information. This can be anything, though a real email address that you have access to is advised.
  6. Choose a paid subscription level.
  7. Choose to auto renew (or not) the subscription.
  8. Choose "Credit Card" as the payment method.
  9. Enter "4242424242424242" for card number. (Other test card numbers are available here.)
  10. Enter 12 / 2020 for the expiration. Any date in the future will work.
  11. Click "Register".
  12. You should now be redirect to the success page and logged-in as your new user.
  13. Check your account history, you will see the test transaction.
  14. Your new user now has a fully activated account. 

Stripe API version

Restrict Content Pro has been tested up to Stripe API version 2018-02-06.